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The City of Malmö, in cooperation with the Sweden Green Building Council will host a regiona Sustainable Built Environment Conference from the 30th November to 2nd December 2016.

The conference’s aim is to bring together researchers and practitioners to discuss and exchange best practice and new findings in the field of sustainable city development and sustainable buildings. It will build on Malmö’s past experiences with moving the city from industry-based to a knowledge-based society and include past achievements such as the Bo01 area in the western harbour, but also new experiences that have been made since then, both in the area of new development as well as progress in existing areas of the city.

The conference sessions will be mixed with presentations from an academic background and practitioners from the public and private sector in order to facilitate a direct and common learning experience. Study tours to local and regional best practice sites will integrated in the conference programme.

Topics that will be covered during the conference are:

  1. Smart energy efficiency and building certifications
  2. How green is green enough
  3. Fairtrade and the SDGs
  4. Urbanisation and resilient cities
  5. Our sustainable future – education for sustainable development
  6. Culture and sustainable cities
  7. Food for sustainable cities
  8. The fourth industrial revolution

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