International Sustainable Built Environment Conference Series
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CIB Overview

CIB’s mission is to serve its members through encouraging and facilitating international cooperation and information exchange in building and construction research and innovation. CIB is engaged in the scientific, technical, economic and social domains related to building and construction, supporting improvements in the building process and the performance of the built environment.


CIB Membership offers:

  • international networking between academia, R&D organisations and industry
  • participation in local and international CIB conferences, symposia and seminars
  • CIB special publications and conference proceedings
  • R&D collaboration


Membership: CIB currently numbers over 400 members originating in some 70 countries, with very different backgrounds: major public or semi-public organisations, research institutes, universities and technical schools, documentation centres, firms, contractors, etc. CIB members include most of the major national laboratories and leading universities around the world in building and construction.


Working Commissions and Task Groups: CIB Members participate in over 50 Working Commissions and Task Groups, undertaking collaborative R&D activities organised around:

  • construction materials and technologies
  • indoor environment
  • design of buildings and of the built environment
  • organisation, management and economics
  • legal and procurement practices


Networking: The CIB provides a platform for academia, R&D organisations and industry to network together, as well as a network to decision makers, government institution and other building and construction institutions and organisations. The CIB network is respected for its thought-leadership, information and knowledge.


Conferences, Symposia and Seminars: CIB conferences and co-sponsored conferences cover a wide range of areas of interest to its Members, and attract more than 5000 participants worldwide per year.


Priority Themes: The main thrust of CIB activities takes place through a network of around 50 Working Commissions and Task Groups, organised around three CIB Priority Themes:

  • Sustainable Construction
  • IDDS – Integrated Design and Delivery Solutions
  • Resilient Urbanisation