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A word about iiSBE…

The International Initiative for a Sustainable Built Environment

iiSBE is an international non-profit organization whose overall aim is to actively facilitate and promote the adoption of policies, methods and tools to accelerate the movement towards a global sustainable built environment.

  • iiSBE has an international Board of Directors from almost every continent and has a small Secretariat located in Ottawa, Canada. We have Chapters in Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, Italy, Portugal, Malta and Taiwan;
  • We operate as a low-overhead networking group that relies on volunteers;
  • iiSBE is a member of the Global Alliance for Building and Construction (GABC)
  • We are currently leading the organization of the SBE conference series;
  • We are well known for the development of SBTool, a sophisticated but very flexible building performance assessment system;
  • Our Italian Chapter is currently leading the way in the development of an assessment system suited to small urban areas, which is currently being tested in nine European urban areas.

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