International Sustainable Built Environment Conference Series
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Launched in 2006, the United Nations Environment Programme’s Sustainable Buildings and Climate Initiative (UNEP-SBCI) is a partnership of major public and private sector stakeholders to promote sustainable building policies and practices worldwide.

Drawing on UNEP’s unique capacity to provide a global platform for collective action, SBCI brings together stakeholders involved in the building, planning and policy making process on the local, national and international level by providing a platform for dialogue and collective action. It promotes and supports sustainable building practices on a global scale with a focus on energy efficiency and GHG emission reduction. UNEP-SBCI activities include:

  • The development of a Common Carbon Metric (CCM) to establish baselines, and to enable measurable, reportable and verifiable (MRV) reporting;
  • A number of pilot projects and research initiatives in the building sector, including the production of a suite of “State of Play” and “Baseline Emissions and GHG Potential Reduction in Buildings”;
  • A broader approach to resource efficiency, addressing issues such as material use, waste and other end- of-life issues;
  • A Task Force on Greening the Building Sector Supply Chain, aiming to better understand resource use in the building and construction supply chain, and to identify opportunities to promote greater resource efficiency in the sector;
  • The Identification and potential development of globally applicable measurement and reporting metrics, protocols and templates that indicate the sustainability of building materials.

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