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Location: Brussels, Belgium

Date: 5-7 February 2019



Brussels SBE 19


The BAMB Consortium is pleased to invite you to participate in BAMB’s final event “BUILDINGS AS MATERIAL BANKS – A PATHWAY FOR A CIRCULAR FUTURE” (SBE19 Brussels – BAMB-CIRCPATH) that will be held in Brussels on 05 to 07 of February 2019.

The first day of the SBE19 Brussels – BAMB-CIRCPATH event will be an industry day during which the Consortium will celebrate the results of the project through interactive sessions. This 1st day will be an opportunity for all stakeholders of the construction sector to learn more about what BAMB has achieved, provide feedback, exchange views on what is next and share the steps achieved on the pathway towards a circular future. The attendance at this part of the event will be free of charge, but subject to early registration for logistic purposes.

The 2nd and 3rd days of the event will be dedicated to a scientific conference on the pathways towards a circular economy in the building / construction sector. This international conference intends to bring together researchers and industry experts from the entire world to exchange their ideas, research activities and showcase advanced innovative technologies and methodologies for a circular built environment.


more information soon.

more information soon.