International Sustainable Built Environment Conference Series
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Goals of the SBE Series

The over-riding goal of the Sustainable Built Environment (SBE) series of conferences is to increase the level of knowledge and skills related to design, development, construction and operation of buildings and urban systems to an ever-wider circle of countries and regions.

Up to this point, the conferences have only created a temporary gathering of researchers, designers, developers, contractors and facility operators that has had little permanent effect. Beginning with the 2016-17 cycle of conferences, we will be attempting to leave a more permanent legacy to the industry in participating countries.

The proceedings, which are captured in the ICONDA database or obtainable from individual organizers, are of obvious  value, but we will also be developing ideas during the next few months for ways in which we can share information about the measures towards sustainability that are being taken in all participating countries and regions.  Such a move was suggested by the WSB14 Barcelona organizers, but appeared to us at the time to be too much of a financial and organizational challenge to undertake. We think that the time is ripe for us to try to implement this concept in a somewhat simplified form, so that the burden on individual countries is not excessive.  Proposals for this activity will also be tabled during next few months.

These measures will require that each conference organizer should maintain their registry of delegates in a uniform way over the long term, so that the individual organizer, or those from other events, can have access to them in an easy way. Input forms for this activity will be made available soon, and the Secretariat will maintain a unified database for free access by all.

N. Larsson

16 March 2015