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Objectives of the SBE Series


The SBE series of national and international conferences was launched in 2000 and now operates on a three-year cycle.

The main objective of the series was, and remains, to disseminate innovative policies and developments in the field of sustainable urban environment to a broad international audience of specialists in policy, design, construction and operation of buildings and related infrastructure.

We achieve these goals through face-to-face communication of delegates at the individual conferences, the dissemination of peer-reviewed technical papers at the events and in high-quality journals, and also by means of related exhibits.

A second major objective is to support international exchange of views and ideas by encouraging improved communication between experts in various countries, over the long term. Towards this end, we are placing increasing emphasis on close ties between the organizers of national events and the global conferences that are held at the climax of each cycle.

For the 2018-20 cycle, the organizers of the WSBE20 event in Gothenburg Sweden are making major efforts to attend the 2018-19 national conferences, and the national organizers will all be participating in the WSBE20 event. This major global conference is fittingly being called Beyond 2020, because of the emphasis on carrying the integration process forward into the next cycle and beyond.