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Organization of SBE Roundtables

All SBE event organizers have been asked to provide room in their agendas for an SBE roundtable, to include issues related to sustainable construction as well as climate change. The intent of these events is to provide a focused view of high-level climate change and sustainability issues that may be relevant to the built environment in the region.

Themes covered are expected to include anticipated climate change impacts in the region and possible counter-actions, Nationally-Determined Contributions (NDCs) offered by the region or country, sustainability issues in the regional built environment.

Specific topics covered should be organized according to the Sustainable Development Goals that have been identified by the organizers of WSBE20 as the most relevant for the SBE series.

The Roundtable events may be part of the main agenda or be planned as a side session or as a pre- or post- conference session, and will require at least 1/2 day of time.

After the event, a summary of the event should be prepared and distributed by the organizers to their delegates and to WSBE20.

We suggest that the following participant types should be invited:

  • a moderator
  • a student scribe
  • an expert in regional climate change issues relevant to the built environment
  • one expert in regional sustainability issues in the built environment
  • senior government policy representative(s)
  • representative(s) of investment organizations
  • representative(s) of design and construction sector
  • representative(s) of real estate sector
  • a representative of the SBE series partners
  • a representative of UN Environment, if available
  • a representative of the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction (GABC)
  • other conference delegates as space permits

The two invited experts should be asked to prepare a short paper in advance of the event that provides an outline of issues relevant to his/her area of expertise. All participants in the  should be asked to complete a simple input form that covers aspects related to the two main issues.